September 30, 2016

The Beavercreek Beavers were on the verge of completing a winning comeback for the second week in a row, but this time they unexpectedly ran out of time.  Last week the Beavers scored in the final 20 seconds to tie the game at Fairmont, a game they later won in overtime.  Thursday night, the Beavers were poised to do the same, as Justin Terrell set up the Beavers with a first and goal at around the 6 yard line with 28 seconds remaining, with the Beavers trailing 31-28.  Terrell gained the first down with a sweep to the right that ended with him being forced out of bounds.  But referees and clock operators failed to stop the clock despite Terrell clearly going out of bounds.  What happened in between Terrell going out of bounds and the clock hitting zeroes is a head scratcher from so many angles.  The Beavers were able to run a final play, as Noah Corrigan was stopped at the goal line, but they should have had more time on the clock to run another play, or two.  After much deliberation by officials, it was determined that additional time would not be put back on the clock.  At this point, the clock controversy remains unexplainable, but it was clearly unfortunate for the Beavers as they drop an important game at home to fall to 4-2 on the season.

Corrigan led the Beavers with 108 yards rushing and two touchdowns, including a late 57-yard touchdown pass to pull the Beavers to within 3 at 31-28.  The Beavers ran for 316 yards on the ground, but turned the ball over 3 times.  Beavercreek dominated the stat sheet on Springboro, but couldn’t come out on top on the scoreboard, or the score clock.  Beavercreek travels to take on state-power Wayne next week, kickoff at 7:00 PM.