Beavercreek Football 1st Annual House Draft


What: Beavercreek Football House Draft 

When: Sunday April 10, 2022 from 3-6pm 

Where: BHS Commons 

Who: All Beavercreek football players entering grades 

9-12 and their families (2022-23 school year) 

Dress: Casual (Players: Khakis and collared shirt) 

Pizza and Soft Drinks will be provided!!



What is it?: The house is our systematic way of 

accounting for our student-athletes on and off the 

football field. Helping them grow in their 

commitment to team and school. 


Why?: The house will help our program in creating 

top-down accountability. Coaches down to the players. 

Goal: Create a competitive spirit while growing accountable as a student-athlete. Ultimate Goal: WIN on and off the field 

Quick overview: Senior football players have already been divided into 4 separate teams and will be drafting from the remaining underclassmen to build their house. The team with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned house champions. More will be discussed on Sunday afternoon. 

***Please arrive by 3:00pm so that we can start on time. Please use the main doors and enter directly into the Commons. We will be serving pizza and soft drinks. We hope that the program will end around 5:30pm.***

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