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Micah Wilson

Micah Wilson enters his sixth year as a football coach at Beavercreek High School, coaching the Varsity outside linebackers , and his fifth year as the head coach of the freshman team. Coach Wilson played both baseball and football at Beavercreek High School throughout his high school career, graduating in 2005. He studied Integrated Social Studies Education (Adult Youth Adolescent grades 7-12) while playing collegiate level baseball where he was a three year starter at Cedarville University, graduating in 2009. Micah was named the most valuable defensive player in 2008 and was named team captain his senior year. He continued his education by earning a Master of Education degree from Wright State University in 2012 and proudly serves as a social studies teacher at Beavercreek High School. Coach Micah is enjoying coaching football, and has had the pleasure of coaching several young men that have gone on to play college athletics in both football and baseball. When he is not busy with football, he enjoy spending time with his wife, Amanda, their three daughters, Emma (3) and Ava (1) and newborn Cora Lee.
Email: [email protected]
usa United States
August 15, 2021

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