#BEYONDTHEKEYSTONE (OHIO) Fairborn uses strong defense to beat Beavercreek 23-8

Wednesday brought some high school football action for me with Fairborn traveling to Beavercreek. This would be my first trip to Beavercreek and my first time catching them play. As for Fairborn, this would be my 2nd time ever watching them play. The rosters for both teams come from hudl.com, so thank you coaches for having this tool updated.

The first quarter went by very quickly with both teams looking very sloppy at times and then very good at other points. The Skyhawks elected to go for it on fourth and two on their first drive with the result being two separate fumbles that Lamar Collins would recover but in the process, he was tackled for A 8-yard loss by Colin Barhorst of the Beavers.

Later in the quarter, the Skyhawks started putting together A nice drive when Patrick Parrish hit Hunter Warner for A 19-yard gain on A little swing pass. The drive hit A little speed bump when Noah Johnson was plowed over by Eli Bartel. From there Parrish connected with Dwight Lewis III for A gain of 19 over the middle. Parrish would be sacked for A 4-yard loss back to the Beavers 5-yard by Bryce Solberg. With 0:51 seconds left in the quarter, the drive ended with A 22-yard field goal by #90 (NOT ON THE ROSTER) making this A 3-0 game.

The Beavers defense would be back at it again with Jarrett Knipper knocking Warner down for A 1-yard loss. The drive ended just A short time later. The Beavers offense which at been hibernating up to this point finally shook some life into itself when Jack Barnett found Allan Hopkins for 12-yards. Barnett would find Addison Culpepper, who broke two tackles made A spinning move that would have made Barry Sanders proud on his way to A 16-yard gain. The drive ended with A missed field goal from Nicholas Crawford.

The Beavers would make three more nice plays before the half came to A close. #40 (NOT ON THE ROSTER) would recover A Fairborn fumble, then Sam Corcoran cut Johnson down for A 4-yard loss. The final play came from Barnett who found the talented Spencer Grandmont for A 15-yard gain.

The Beavers defense again kept playing at A very high-level midway through the third with Steven Tipps sacking Parrish on A fourth and four try. One play later it would be the Fairborn defense roaring loudly when Lewis III picked off A Barnett pass. Brody Munger would go 7-yards on the next play to make this A 10-0 game, with 7:39 left in the quarter.

Culpepper would catch A pass but before he could move he was tackled by Jamison Anderson for A short loss. Just seconds later Warner would get A pick to bring the Fairborn offense back onto the field. Warner would pick up 32-yards to set up A 5-yard touchdown catch by Lewis III making this A 17-0 game, with 3:54 still left in the quarter.

The Beavers would convert A fourth and one when Justin Hocker ran for 6-yards. However, the drive soon ended as once again the Fairborn defense refused to break. The Beavers defense who had been let down all game long by its offense would come up huge again when Joe Darrah. recovered A fumble on A bad exchange on A handoff by the Skyhawks. Hocker would find Spencer Grandmont for A 38-yard touchdown. Spencer Grandmont would dive into the end zone to get the score. A two-point conversion run by Elijah Howard would make this A 17-8 game. Warner would go up the gut of the defense for 18-yards.

The drive continued into the fourth quarter though no points were scored because Anthony Johnston blocked the field goal attempt. Hocker would find Spencer Grandmont again this time for 25-yards right after the blocked field goal. Hocker would throw into traffic over the middle a play later and he would pay A deep price when Cameron Hamilton made the pick.

The final 2:43 seconds brought three more nice plays. Muger would get A sack for the Fairborn defense, then Warner would make this A 23-8 game on A 7-yard touchdown run. The final play came from Warner, who made a nice little run to go over 1,000 yards in just 7-games.









PASSING 12-34 1 TD 3 INT’S



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